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by emily salshutz

A little over a year ago I craved a refresh. I had always decorated my apartment bedrooms with all of the same images and notes I kept throughout the years. There had to be a cuter way to get my favorite pieces on the wall, but nothing appealed to me. The added challenge? I could not paint, nail or alter the walls in any way.

This is when I developed what would become Print (Em) Shop. In my tiny 13’x6’ room I started thinking up ways to take a boring white wall and make it into something special. I used to make my own mattes for photography courses and it just clicked. The featherlight paper frame could go up on the wall with blue painters tape and never fall off. I started Print (Em) Shop with a 50-pack of blank white matte board, a can of gold spray paint and blue painters tape. I started selling my frames online and received my first sale within the month.

Although the frames are intended for walls, there are limitless creative ways to use them. One of my favorites is a sectioned memo board. I had a boring metallic memo board that needed some love and organization. The frames serve as a border between the different sections: art prints, notes to myself and storage for more pushpins, magnets and even paper clips.

Here's what you'll need:

15”x21” cork board

9 5”x7” Print (Em) frames

Blue painters tape

Variety of 4”x6” prints, greeting cards and magazine clippings

Variety of magnets and pushpins

Blog Party Blog | DIY Memo Board

Start with a cork board that is 15"x21". Layout each frame. You can use one solid color, but I really like alternating between your two favorite color options.

Blog Party Blog | DIY Memo Board
_MG_3030 copy.jpg

Attach each frame using blue painters tape on either side. Press each frame firmly to make sure they stay put.

Blog Party Blog | DIY Memo Board

Now it's time to decorate and you most likely have everything on hand to do so. I like to add a few art prints or cute greeting cards (look through Etsy for some great options), a quote print or two (you can easily type up your favorite quote on a word document) and magazine clippings. Keep post it notes handy so you can leave yourself memos too!

Blog Party Blog | DIY Memo Board

Leave one section open for pushpins and magnets. This will keep them all contained and will not distract from the overall look of the board.

Blog Party Blog | DIY Memo Board

Hang your board up using two nails or, if you can't make holes in your walls, lean the board against the wall on a dresser. There is no need to sacrifice your personal style if you cannot nail directly into the walls. Show us the creative ways you organize by using #createcuriously!  

photos by emily salshutz

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