We like to party.

Blog Party is a collective meetup for bloggers, new and seasoned, to meet and mingle. Blog Parties are hosted in various spaces and are an opportunity for creative companies to connect with a global audience through bloggers and their readers. During a Blog Party, attendees can expect to connect with other bloggers, eat delicious food, hang out in exclusive creative spaces and score some amazing swag. Just a casual meetup with cool people, sounds like a grand party to us!

Blog Party was started by Jamie Wong from the J for Jamie Blog. As an avid blogger, Jamie saw a lack of opportunity for bloggers to personally connect away from their computers. This was a way to connect with bloggers, designers and local shops to collaborate on new projects and ideas centered around blogging.


Jamie is the founder and creator of JforJamie.com. In her spare time, she can be found riding her bike around town, taking photos and making treats for her office. She constantly seeks new experiences for her blog and perpetually blogs about all her experiences. She has an usually large collection of shoes and loves expressing herself through her personal style. She currently works and lives in the Silicon Valley with her husband Chris and their adorable old dog, Roxy.